Preamble to Eric Miotto CV

Last update of preamble: 2013-10-19 18:37 UTC

Last update of CV: 2020-01-01 21:50:13 UTC

My CV is realized with HTML 5 Offline capabilities -- this way the curriculum can be consulted offline on every device (notably PC, smartphone, tablet).

Unfortunately, bugs on my side (of both technical and methodological nature) and of Offline implementations in browsers can cause some issues that are somewhat annoying -- since an offline HTML page has essentialy the capability to autoupdate itself, if the code in it is "faulty enough" than you are unable to get the new fixed version.

So in order to anticipate such problems I devised this simple online page that contains instructions on how to clear application caches on browsers in order to load the CV correctly.

I recently did a simple workaround for Firefox 23/24, in which the offline capabilities do not work well -- see this bug on Bugzilla and this StackOverflow thread.

Now that you know how to solve problems should they arise, you can proceed to my CV:

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